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Real Estate Litigation and Boundary Disputes in Glenwood Springs, CO

Real Estate Litigation and Boundary DisputesIn Glenwood Springs, CO
Ownership of real estate and the buying or selling of real estate sometimes creates issues that make it necessary to seek protection in court. Attorneys associated with Worrell Durrett Gavrell have litigated cases in many areas of real estate practice in order to preserve clients' interests in what frequently is the largest asset they own, including matters related to:

•  Adverse Possession / Quiet Title
•  Easement disputes
•  Fence line disputes
•  Trespass
•  Nuisance
•  Eminent domain issues
•  Inverse condemnation / regulatory taking issues
•  Surveyor malpractice and professional liability
•  Covenant violations and Homeowner disputes
•  Zoning / Code enforcement and Variances
•  Landlord / Tenant disputes, Evictions and FED actions

If you are embroiled in a real estate or boundary dispute that is in litigation or may be heading that way, contact us to set up a time to meet with you and discuss your claim(s).

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Real Estate Litigation and Boundary Disputes

Adverse Possession / Boundary Disputes
Adverse Possession and Lot-Line Disputes: With the assistance of WDG attorneys, a lot line dispute between two neighbors of large parcels in Rio Blanco County was settled in a manner that facilitated the purchase of one of the lots by the owner of the other, to the satisfaction of both parties.

Adverse Possession and Lot-Line Disputes: A lot line dispute between a large ranch in Western Colorado and one of its neighbors revealed pervasive lot-line issues along numerous properties on the Ranch's entire western border. WDG attorneys filed suit for the Ranch owners in Mesa County District Court against seven defendants, and those seven sued six more interested parties. WDG attorneys obtained a settlement involving all 14 parties, which ultimately resolved all issues and dramatically increased the marketability of the land.

Adverse Possession and Lot-Line Disputes: A lot line dispute between two neighbors revealed pervasive lot-line issues involving several other properties. WDG attorneys filed suit and obtained a settlement that resolved the issues and dramatically increased the marketability of the land.

Easement Disputes
Establishing Prescriptive Easements: A woman bought a resort condominium unit as an investment / vacation properly, only to find after closing that the unit included a bedroom that was built on HOA property, without written permission. The HOA threatened to sue, but WDG attorneys negotiated a permanent easement to allow the bedroom to stay in place.

Establishing Prescriptive Easements: WDG attorneys represented owners protecting their historic right to access over five miles of roadway, defending against the protests of several intervening property owners.

Defending Against Easement Claims: WDG attorneys successfully defended a property owner from a neighbor's claim asserting the existence of an easement where there was little evidence of the prior existence of a roadway, and despite available access by other routes.

Defending Against Easement Claims: WDG attorneys defended a client from a lawsuit by a neighbor who desired to use the client's driveway to access a remote portion of the neighbor's property.

Trespass / Inverse Condemnation
Trespass Litigation: A natural gas extraction company installed gas pipelines on a client's ranch in a substandard manner, and outside the authorized easement. WDG attorneys secured a preliminary injunction which halted the project, and then negotiated a confidential settlement to the rancher's satisfaction.

Inverse Condemnation: A local municipality unlawfully destroyed client's access road. WDG attorneys filed an action for injunctive relief and inverse condemnation and obtained recovery for the client that included the reconstruction of the road and an award of attorney fees and costs in the amount of over $225,000 against the municipality.

Negotiating Easements and Surface Use Agreements
Negotiating with Energy Companies: WDG attorneys represented a Garfield County rancher in negotiating a series of access easements over his land sought by a natural gas extraction company. WDG attorneys helped the rancher increase the compensation being offered by over 400% and also secured specific and binding improvements for his property and indemnification of liability from the company's operations on his land.

Negotiating Easements among Multiple Parties: WDG attorneys represented a rancher in negotiations with a neighbor desiring an easement, but problems arose when the holder of the conservation trust encumbering the property objected to the process. WDG attorneys engaged in negotiations with the landowners and the conservation trust to achieve a workable agreement with all parties.

Disputes Relating to Real Estate (See Contract Disputes )

Landlord / Tenant Disputes (See Contract Disputes )

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