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Fee Structures

Worrell Durrett Gavrell has the flexibility to consider a variety of fee structures, including:
•  hourly billing
•  flat fees (for certain discreet projects)
•  contingency fee billing for appropriate cases

In a contingency fee structure, the client is responsible for the costs of litigation (filing fees, discovery expenses, expert costs, etc.), and the attorney is paid through a percentage of any recovery that he obtains for the client. Under a contingent fee agreement, the firm is not paid until and unless the client recovers for his or her damages and losses. While most often contingent fee arrangements arise in the personal injury context (including automobile and truck collision cases, product liability cases, etc.), there may be other occasions when a contingent fee arrangement is appropriate.

Obviously, each case requires individual discussion and agreement between the firm and the client with respect to the fee agreement, and we cannot agree to a contingent fee agreement in all types of cases. Careful consideration must be given to the type of case, the costs involved, the amount of recovery possible, and other financial considerations. A fee agreement must be executed by all parties before we can begin our representation of any client. Contact us to discuss your specifc claim(s) and needs, and the fee structure that might work best for you.
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