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Estate / Trust Litigation and Will Contests in Glenwood Springs, CO

 Estate / Trust Litigation and Will Contests Litigation In Glenwood Springs, CO
Worrell Durrett Gavrell has experience with trust and estate litigation and will contests. This area of litigation presents unique challenges, often involving misrepresentation, theft, concealment, failures to act, incompetency of a party to a will or trust, and competing accusations of family members under strained circumstances and strong emotions.

WDG attorneys have prosecuted large estate cases, and have demonstrated their qualifications in representing fiduciaries and beneficiaries in trust and estate disputes, both in their defense and and in prosecuting claims against them as fiduciaries by beneficiaries and family members. Our attorneys have litigated claims related to the validity of estate transfers, including claims where there have been concerns with proper execution of documents, testamentary capacity, undue influence, fraud, mistake, attorney's conflicts of interests, prohibited transfers, and forgery. WDG members and former members have experience in:

•  Will and trust contests
•  Defense and prosecution of breaches of fiduciary duty, such as asset mismanagement claims and trust allocation disputes
•  Undue Influence / Lack of Testamentary Capacity claims
•  Actions to remove fiduciaries
•  Forgery / Void deeds

Controlling litigation costs in Estate cases is a necessity. Consideration must be given to the costs of litigating claims in light of the size of the estate and the alternatives available for resolution of disputes. Consideration must also be given to whether the estate or other parties will be responsible for paying the costs our clients incur in these cases. We address how to preserve and protect fiduciaries' ability to have a trust or probate estate pay their legal expenses or, when representing beneficiaries, preventing the estate's fiduciaries from depleting the assets of the estate by incurring excessive attorney's fees.

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Estate / Trust Litigation and Will Contests

Fraud and Undue Influence: In California, WDG attorneys filed a fraud and undue influence case against a certified public accountant who wrongfully and improperly influenced an elderly woman with failing mental capacity to change her will and leave practically all benefits of the estate to the accountant. The elderly woman's heirs hired WDG attorneys to take the case after many other California firms had turned them away. WDG attorneys obtained a confidential settlement for the clients.

Fraud / Undue Influence / Forgery: WDG attorneys represented an elderly father after his daughter and son-in-law took his home and life savings. WDG attorneys obtained a confidential settlement for the clients.

Fraud and Undue Influence: Elderly and incapacitated parents were unduly influenced by one of their sons who wrongfully obtained their large family ranch, contrary to parents' estate plans. After the parents' death, WDG attorneys represented other siblings who successfully sued to recover the multi-million dollar ranch for the estate and reinstate parents' estate plans.

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