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Divorce Law / Family Law in Glenwood Springs, CO

Divorce / Family Law In Glenwood Springs, CO
Since family law varies widely from state to state, many people may be confused about divorce laws and how the legal process works. Because divorce is a common issue throughout the nation, oftentimes well-meaning friends and loved ones claim to be familiar with "family law," while in fact they may only be aware of the laws pertaining to another state, or of Colorado procedures that have long-since changed.

What makes for a good "family law" practice will vary dramatically from family to family, and from client to client. "Empty-Nesters" and wealthy couples who need financial expertise and expert accountants to facilitate their divorce will have a totally different divorce "experience" from a young couple with two small children who are struggling with strong emotions and financial hardships, sometimes fueled by drug and alcohol abuse.

Either way, dissolution of marriages and allocation of parenting responsibilities can be an extremely stressful process. Whenever the dissolution of the relationship involves complex issues, or if the spouses are not able to reach an agreement, the best choice for you and possibly your children is to reach out for advice, if not active representation, to ensure that the best outcome is being sought.

Worrell Durrett Gavrell attorneys have been engaged in divorce work and family law since its predecessor firm's founding in 1991. The litigation skills of WDG's attorneys will benefit you in the domestic context, allowing for solid advice about courtroom procedures and presentation. Our clients have ranged from multi-million dollar estates to no-asset cases. The attorneys believe that family law is a very personal and emotional kind of law that calls for a different approach, where the client should be able to exercise a great deal of control. While the attorneys believe that sometimes a hard-nosed litigation style is called for, sometimes that approach can be harmful and needlessly expensive. Every case is different.

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