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Contract Disputes Glenwood Springs, CO

Contract Disputes Glenwood Springs, CO
People and companies rely upon contracts to define their interests, risks, and rights when they do business with each other. When those contracts become the subject of dispute, it is often necessary to consult with an attorney to interpret and enforce the contract. When the parties still cannot resolve their differences of opinion, it may be necessary to ask a judge to resolve the dispute. Leases are a form of contract, and disputes frequently arise under leases.

Contract disputes arise in an infinite number of contexts. Issues that frequently arise include meeting or failing to meet timelines, or the failure of one party to live up to the reasonable expectations of the other. Lawsuits may be necessary to resolve issues as to the quality or quantity of goods ordered, the timeliness of delivery, or the interpretation of agreements for the provision of services. FED actions to evict tenants may be required when leases have been breached, and tenants may need to breach their lease and bring actions for return of their security deposits when their landlord has failed to live up to his or her side of the agreement.

Contract and lease disputes require careful review of the contract or lease, consideration of the circumstances and the client's needs and desires, and the application of the relevant law. The goal of Worrell Durrett Gavrell attorneys is to move you past your dispute, to secure an outcome that maximizes your profit, minimizes your risks and costs, and gets you as quickly as possible out of the dispute or litigation and back to your business and life. We offer our clients knowledgeable and experienced attorneys who possess strong litigation skills, with the analytical ability to identify and achieve effective resolutions.

If you have a construction contract, a business contract, a real estate contract, an employment contract, a lease or a contract for the provision of complex goods or services which is in dispute or involved in litigation, contact us to let us help you analyze your situation and provide you with experienced, targeted advice regarding your options and remedies.

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Contract Disputes / Litigation

Service Contracts / Contracts for Goods
Breach of Contract / Employment Litigation / Defense of Frivolous Claims: An independent contractor working for a local company was wrongfully terminated, accused of stealing valuable "trade secrets" and other property, and sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages under twenty-four different theories. WDG attorneys took on his defense and raised counterclaims for commissions owed and not paid (breach of contract). After a two-week trial, the jury denied all of plaintiff's claims, and returned a verdict for the independent contractor client for monies owed.

Fraud and Misrepresentation in a Business Transaction: A local businessman purchased a specialty piece of rigging equipment from a company in Texas over the telephone, faxing signatures back and forth. When he received the equipment several months late, the equipment was defective and not as advertised. WDG attorneys represented the businessman in Garfield County District Court, and secured a judgment against the Texas company in the six figures.

Litigation Defense: WDG attorneys successfully defended a bail bonding company that was sued in a dispute over fees and a non-compete agreement, involving claims of several hundred thousand dollars.

Litigation Defense and Counterclaims: WDG attorneys represented a client who was sued by a diesel repair shop for monies owed. The client defended on the basis that the shop's repairs were deficient and ineffective. At the end of trial, the court denied the claims of the repair shop and awarded to the client the cost of correcting the deficient repairs, and his costs and attorney's fees.

Contracts Relating to Real Estate
Fraud and Misrepresentation in the Sale of Commercial Property: Purchasers of a hotel were deceived by the sellers, who impaired title to the property. WDG attorneys brought a suit against the sellers to recover the initial purchase payments and the value of the work and improvements that the buyers had invested in the property over a seven year period. WDG attorneys obtained a successful judgment for the clients.

Real Estate Litigation / Contract Litigation: A lawsuit for injunctive relief was brought by WGDJ on behalf of the buyers of a luxury resort condominium unit against their homeowners association and a homeowner, who wrongfully asserted a right of first refusal. WDG attorneys secured a judgment for the clients and an award of attorney fees.

Defense of Wrongful Foreclosure: WDGJ successfully enjoined the wrongful foreclosure of a client's large ranch by creditors, preserving millions of dollars of value.

Defense of Wrongful Foreclosure: WDGJ successfully enjoined the wrongful foreclosure of a client's home after her husband had forged her name to a deed of trust.

Leasehold Disputes / Landlord Tenant Disputes
Defending Landlords: A landlord was sued for treble damages and attorney fees in small claims court by a former tenant for allegedly failing to return a security deposit. WDG attorneys defended the landlord and brought counterclaims. WDG attorneys obtained a judgment against the tenant who lost on all counts and was ordered to pay landlord's attorney fees.

Defending Tenants: WDG attorneys defended the owner of a failing commercial business against the landlord's demands for payment of the full lease.

General Advisement: WDG attorneys advises clients with commercial leases how to avoid unfavorable lease conditions and obligations, and helps protect them from the pressures asserted by corporate landlords.

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