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Construction Litigation in Glenwood Springs, CO

Construction Litigation In Glenwood Springs, CO
Disputes related to quality of construction, construction contracts and deadlines, and disagreement between general contractors, sub-contractors, and property owners are frequent and complex. Owners want their construction contracts to cover them when work is performed in a substandard manner or takes too long to complete. Construction professionals want to be paid on time, and do not want to be held responsible for third-party contractors' mistakes.

Worrell Durrett Gavrell attorneys have assisted property owners, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and others in disputes arising from residential and commercial construction projects of all sizes, public and private involving:

•  Defective construction and application of the Colorado Construction Defect Reform Act
•  Non-payment for work performed
•  Damage to property during the construction process
•  Other parties' breach(es) of contract, failure to hold to promises, or unjust enrichment
•  Protection from fraud, misrepresentation, or concealment of information
•  Preparation and filing of Mechanic Liens
•  Contractors' Trust Fund Statute Claims
•  Recoupment of funds from Bonding Companies

If you are involved in a construction dispute that is in litigation or may be heading that way, contact us to discuss your situation. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you.

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Construction Litigation

Representing Contractors
General Representation of Local Contractors: General representation / defense of local construction clients when they are confronted with claims by owners related to alleged deficiencies or incompleteness of work, or when owners fail to pay. Those cases include claims arising from the construction of $4 million dollar homes in Aspen, a $1.5 million dollar house in Basalt and others, and cases involving claims of tens of thousands of dollars. These claims may include placing mechanics liens or claims against bonds.

Representing Sub-Contractors: Prosecution of claims for subcontractors in western Colorado when generals or owners fail to pay pursuant to construction contracts or assert unjustified claims of deficient or incomplete work.

Out-of-State Builders: WDG attorneys represented an out-of-state contractor who was effectively denied the opportunity to perform his contract reconstructing a resort in Rio Blanco County. The client needed representation to ensure that the contractor's work was not impeded by the general contractor and to avoid any risk of a lawsuit. WDG attorneys successfully represented him in negotiations; a lawsuit was avoided and the work completed.

Defending against Frivolous Owner Demands: A general contractor client constructed a home without any complaints of defects, but when the owner sued with claim of excess costs by the contractor, WDG attorneys acted quickly to defend the contractor from the owner's claims.

Litigation between Construction Professionals: A contractor was presented with defective plans from the architect, such that he had to improvise in executing the plans to accommodate and resolve multiple errors in the plans. Upon completion, the owners sought to avoid payment, pinning all blame on the contractor. WDG attorneys represented and defeated the owner's claims.

Construction Litigation by a Subcontractor: A subcontractor client was confronted with a refusal by the general contractor and a public entity to pay the contract sums for work performed. The controversy involved multiple issues relating to the quality of work, calculations of back charges, interference with the client's performance of work, county bonding requirements and enforcement of the bond, and allocation of general responsibilities between the parties. WDG attorneys' client was the prevailing party in a court trial of these issues.

Arbitration between General and Sub Contractors: A general contractor refused to pay the subcontractor for work that was done by the subcontractor citing work deficiencies. The arbitration of the claims found in favor of our subcontractor client and awarded costs and attorney fees.

Representing Owners
Flood Damage: WDG attorneys represented the owner of a home in Pitkin County whose house was flooded by a plumber's negligence. The flooding caused extensive damage, including the settling of the foundation, destruction of fine construction details, and pervasive mold damage. WDG attorneys obtained a confidential settlement for the homeowner client.

Defective Construction: WDG attorneys' client was sued by a builder who asserted that money was owed for the construction of a new house. The homeowner had been charged twice the contract price for the construction, even though the construction was obviously defective and in breach of the contract. WDG attorneys protected the client by obtaining the dismissal of the builder's claims.

Defective Construction: WDG attorneys' client's home was built so poorly that the framing did not meet the foundation, the stairs to the basement did not align with the basement, and the front door and porch could not be accessed. WDG attorneys obtained a recovery whereby the builder bought the house back from the client.

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