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Business Litigation / Shareholder Disputes in Glenwood Springs, CO

Business Litigation / Shareholder Disputes In Glenwood Springs, CO
With luck and good planning, small businesses can successfully turn into big businesses. Often, the informal agreements which may form the organizational basis for closely held corporations, LLCs, and partnerships create problems when small businesses develop, expand, or, unfortunately, when profitable businesses fall on hard times.

In such circumstances, owner and shareholder disputes arise. A shareholder dispute happens when different shareholders, members, or partners begin to argue over the ownership of their business. Such disputes can occur when one shareholder or member takes advantage of the other who has less of an ownership interest, or when one member or shareholder no longer follows the Operating Agreement or Shareholder Agreement and begins to act unilaterally to the detriment of the business, over the objections of the others.

Sometimes the remedies in such circumstances may be contained within the relevant agreements that just need to be enforced. Sometimes a buy-out may be the best option. A Shareholder Derivative Suit may be required, where a suit is brought by a shareholder on behalf of the company against the officers and directors of the company. Shareholder Derivative Suits may be brought to cure perceived breaches of fiduciary duty, excessive officer compensation, proxy violations, related party transactions (cronyism), misappropriation of corporate opportunities, and corporate waste. Sometimes a suit for personal damages is required, or a suit seeking a court order judicially dissolving the entity itself.

Sometimes, a partnership agreement may be breached where no formal entity has even yet been formed. If a group of people embark on a partnership together for the purpose of forming an entity or accomplishing a business goal, and one or more contribute resources and the partnership later falls apart, the parties who contributed resources may have a claim. Sometimes partners get into trouble solely through the bad acts of their other partners. If your partner, acting within the scope of his or her apparent authority, receives money or property and misapplies it, you may also find yourself liable for the misapplication by your partner. In any of these scenarios, you may find yourself needing help claiming damages against the erring party, recovering your money from your former partners, or defending yourself as a partner in an entity where one or more of the partners may be being sued.

Worrell Durrett Gavrell attorneys have represented numerous shareholders, members, and partners over the years as they have struggled through disputes while their businesses grew, and sometimes when their businesses collapsed.

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Business Litigation / Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder Dispute: WDG attorneys brought suit against a closely held natural energy services company on behalf of its minority shareholders who were being oppressed by the majority shareholders. WDG attorneys’s lawsuit eventually led to a confidential settlement and forced buyout to the clients' satisfaction.

General Representation / Advisement
General Representation: WDG attorneys represented a client who owned multiple corporate enterprises in litigation related to operation of large office building and communications-technology company.

General Representation: WDG attorneys represented major local hotel operations, including pursuit of litigation of claims made by and against the hotels.

General Representation: WDG attorneys represented a local tavern in matters with its landlord, the City, its employees, and prior owners.

General Representation: WDG attorneys represents multiple local homeowner associations from Basalt to Glenwood Springs.

Litigation Advisement: WDG attorneys represents and advises multiple local companies when they find themselves involved in or considering litigation to protect company interests, or in defense of claims made against them. These companies include construction firms, a bank, plumbing companies, a check cashing company, physicians, auto repair shops, realtors, etc.

Collections: As part of the potential pursuit of litigation, WDG attorneys make efforts to collect monies owed for general business clients, including lumber yards, hardware stores, a check cashing company, a tire installer, a concrete / paving company, a steel supplier and fabricator, and multiple homeowner associations.

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