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WELCOME TO WORRELL DURRETT GAVRELL. Litigation Attorneys in Glenwood Springs, COThe attorneys of Worrell Durrett Gavrell have decades of experience in complex litigation cases in Colorado and across the United States. Operating as an independent law firm from 1991 to 2014, Worrell, Durrett and Gavrell merged their practice with Balcomb & Green, P.C. in 2014 as a special litigation division of that firm.

WDG's attorneys can help you aggressively pursue your legal claims or defend against the claims of others.
Automobile / Truck Collisions
Automobile, truck, and motorcycle collisions can cause devastating long term damages from physical injuries, medical costs, lost work, and a lingering inability to enjoy life following the...

Personal Injury Litigation / Wrongful Death
Personal injury claims arise when one person's negligence or intentional act leads to the injury of another. Oftentimes "negligence" will be found where one party breaches his or her duty to act...

Medical Malpractice / Professional Malpractice
Medical Malpractice claims arise when a medical professional falls below the professional standard of care in his profession, thereby causing injuries to the patient. Non-medical professional...

Estate / Trust Litigation and Will Contests
Worrell Durrett Gavrell has developed a specialized practice in trust and estate litigation and will contests. This area of litigation presents unique challenges, often involving...

Construction Litigation
Disputes related to quality of construction, construction contracts and deadlines, and disagreement between general contractors, sub-contractors, and property owners are
frequent and complex.

Real Estate Litigation / Boundary Disputes
Ownership of real estate and the buying/selling of real estate sometimes creates issues that make it necessary to seek protection in court. Attorneys with Worrell Durrett...

Business Litigation / Shareholder Disputes
With luck and good planning, small businesses can successfully turn into big businesses. Often, the informal agreements which may form the organizational basis for closely held corporations,...

Contract Disputes
People and companies rely upon contracts to define their interests, risks, and rights when they do business with each other. When those contracts become the subject of dispute, it is often necessary...

Divorce / Family Law
Since family law varies widely from state to state, many people may be confused about divorce laws and how the legal process works. Because divorce is a common issue throughout the nation, oftentimes well-meaning friends...

Land Use / Zoning / Local Government
Local governments adopt zoning ordinances to maintain standards and control over development projects. Understanding how land use and zoning laws affect your property can sometimes require...

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